Relocating to a new city is a difficult task that most people dread, but Homes & Land and can make the process easier. If you  plant to relocate to a new area:

1 Request a copy of your credit score

Whether you intend to buy or rent, your credit score is likely to be taken into account when you apply for housing, utilities, phone service and more. Don’t be surprised! Instead, request a copy well in advance of the move and make any needed corrections.

2 Check out the Homes & Land real estate magazines for the area in consideration allows you to order local magazines online from hundreds of locations throughout the nation. Digital magazines featuring homes for sale or rent in your target area can be delivered to you through email, or flip through magazines on the Web. Besides serving as a real estate resource, a local Homes & Land magazine offers a glimpse of what it’s like to live in a place.

3 Contact a local real estate agent who can guide your search in the target area

You can find an agent via’s “Find a Real Estate Agent” service. Be sure to request new resident information, including details on local utility companies, schools and more.

Find a realty expert who can help you make a move or search our real estate listings.