bardeaux rouges revêtement façade maison

If your roof is deteriorating, everything inside the house is at risk — ceilings, floors, your belongings. It only makes sense that maintaining a roof is an important — in fact, crucial — part of homeownership.

  • When you sell a home, its value is greatly influenced by the condition of the roof. While you may not want to install a new roof before putting a house on the market, cleaning and maintaining your roof will make the home more appealing to potential buyers and more likely to pass a home inspection.

  • Cleaning your roof also will help extend its useful life. Remove mold and algae before they have a chance to cause significant damage.

  • A properly cleaned and maintained roof will help your home’s temperature more stable. Dark residue on a roof absorbs more heat from the sun, leading to a higher temperature in the home below.

  • Finally, undertaking regular roof maintenance will allow you to spot small areas of damage and repair them before a major problem occurs.

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