Roof Types, Vocabulary and Things You Should Know

When replacing an old roof or building a house from scratch, you may quickly find yourself confused by the number of unfamiliar terms used when looking at the different roof types.  Not to mention the seemingly strange lingo being thrown around by those in the roofing profession. Square feet or squares? Gabled roof or hip-and-valley? Crickets, soffits, flashing and rakes…

The sometimes mystifying vocabulary employed by roofers may not be quite as arcane as, say, a football playbook or quantum physics. But there are a number of terms and definitions that the average homeowner should understand before talking with a pro. To this end, we’ve created an infographic that explains the basics of roof vocabulary, materials, construction and general things you should be aware of before you dive into a roofing project.

Roof types - Roofing 101 Infographic

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