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Just got a great new job on the opposite coast or getting transferred in a month? There are many reasons you might need to sell your home quickly, and there are some steps you can take to help that happen. Even in a slow market, selling quickly is  a possibility.

  • Price your home reasonably. Use a Web-based home valuation tool and talk to a real estate agent about how much similar homes in your neighborhood have recently sold for. Price your home accordingly.

  • Consider hiring a real estate agent. Unless you have a lot of time to devote to selling your home, it will probably be difficult to sell your home quickly without an agent to push the process along.
  • Stage your home. This will help anyone who wants to sell, but is especially important when you’re trying to get buyers interested quickly.

  • According to Smart Money magazine, hiring a photographer and posting  professionally-done photos on the Internet with your listing can help generate interest quickly.

  • Smart Money also advises sellers to consider adding concessions to attract a buyer. Offering to pay extra fees that are not your responsibility or making improvements for the buyer could make your home more enticing.
Thinking of selling? Find a local realty expert who can help or explore the local market with our real estate listings.