What staging bloopers do homeowners often make when trying to sell their homes and what not to do when staging a home?

Good home staging requires the objectivity to show a house as the buyer wants to see it — not as you want to show it. This important consideration that can be difficult for sellers to keep in mind.

For the best results, follow these staging tips:

1 Don’t use heavy air fresheners, candles or other fragranced products. Asthma, allergy and other sensitivities can leave the wrong type of impression on potential buyers — or their children. Use a light fragrance and, whenever possible, check to make sure it is hypo-allergenic even if it costs a bit more.

2 Chemical cleaners like bleach, disinfectants and deodorizers should be used well in advance of showing the house so they have time to dissipate.

3 Pets, diaper pails, trash bins and other everyday sources of smells and messiness are easily overlooked. Expect potential buyers to walk around the house, peek into the pantry and at the laundry. Be prepared to make every space look its best.

4 Appliances are often part of the sale, so expect potential buyers to inspect them carefully. Make sure they are clean and easily visible.

5 Do not showcase your personal items. It might be tempting to make the house more appealing by placing a special item in a strategic area, but it actually detracts from the home. Remember, properly staging a house allows the buyer to envision their life in it. Don’t draw attention to those items that detract from the living space and lifestyle of the buyers.

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