Selling your home is a complicated process and real estate companies will take many steps to sell your home.

You should stay abreast of the process and you should understand the steps. After you and your agent complete the initial process, he or she will complete some of the following steps.


According to the National Association of Realtors, these are several of the steps your agent will take.

Step 1

Your agent will enter your property in the Multiple Listing Service database. MLS listings are a key way for people to see your home.

Step 2

He or she may also advertise your home on Web sites like, which allow the agent to publish multiple photos and detailed descriptions.

Step 3

Your agent will provide you with a signed copy of the listing agreement and of the MLS profile that is listed.

Step 4

He or she will take photos of your home for advertising purposes.

Step 5

Your agent will start taking calls from potential buyers and coordinate showings.

Step 6

He or she will prepare marketing materials, like fliers showcasing your home, and will distribute materials.

Step 7

The agent may also schedule open houses to market your home.

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