How to Improve Indoor Air Quality

Why the air inside is polluted, and what you can do about it From cutting down on cleaning chemicals to opening windows, here’s a look at ways to improve indoor air quality……

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5 Ways to Silence those Noisy Pipes

Are your noisy pipes talking trouble? Noises coming from inside the walls, especially in older homes, might conjure up images of evil spirits, but the more likely culprit is the…..

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LED Lighting Advantages

If you’ve shopped for lights of any kind recently, there’s a good chance you’ve purchased — or at least been presented with the option to buy — LED lights. While…..

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Roof Types, Materials and tips – Infographic

When replacing an old roof, you may find yourself confused by the number of unfamiliar terms being thrown around by those in the roofing profession. To this end, we’ve created an infographic that explains the basics of roof vocabulary, materials, construction and general things you should know before you dive into a roofing project.

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