Question: What are some tips to sell my home quick?

Ok, you are serious about selling your home. Here are several tips to help you stage your home both inside and out. It is important to “stage” your home appropriately. With a little planning and preparation you can have the best looking house for sale.

Remember, you may never get a second chance for your house to make a first impression so making sure the exterior of your house is “standing tall” may be priceless to a potential homebuyer. There are many buyers who drive by homes for sale before deciding to set up an appointment to see the inside of homes for sale. Make sure your house’s yard and exterior are in good shape by following these tips:

  • Mow the yard; trim hedges; edge sidewalks and driveways
  • Wash the windows; repair screens and shutters
  • Scrub oil spots from the driveway
  • Pressure-wash the outside of the home; touch up paint if necessary
  • Keep the porch attractive and clear of clutter”]

When a potential buyer is walking through your house, remember that they will be trying to visually place their belongings in your space. Make it easier for them by removing personal items (pictures, trophies, collections, etc) and any clutter from the house. If possible, rent a storage container or storage unit to remove unnecessary items from the home during the time your house is for sale.

If you must keep your furniture in the house, make sure everything is dust-free and clean; Make the beds, arrange the pillows on the couch, add plants, set the table and open the blinds to let the natural light in (where appropriate).

  • Touch-up paint scuffs as necessary
  • Thoroughly clean all rooms, floors and carpets
  • Organize closets so they appear as spacious as possible
  • Clear out the garage by holding a garage sale or by donating items to charity
  • Make small home repairs: light switches, door latches and doorbells”]

If you would like any additional guidance from a professional agent, Homes & Land has many expert real estate agents across the United States and Canada ready to assist. A real estate agent will help you with many important factors including setting the proper selling price, discussing marketing strategies and also will help with additional tips to aid in making your home sparkle inside and out.