Looking to redo your bathroom tile, or update your bathroom’s look? Follow these quick and fun ideas for tile inspiration!

Pick a color, any color!

There are many great ways to use tile for bathroom décor. With so many new tiling companies making new items daily, the options are almost unlimited. When choosing tile for a bathroom, begin by deciding on the color and shape of tile. All different tile designs and colors can be found anywhere in today’s market.

There are neutral colors such as light grey, beige, tan, and shades of white or ivory. For a bolder look, consider using bright or metallic colors. This will give your bathroom an eye catching and classic look.

Subway Tiles

Another popular trend in recent years is the shape of tiles. Subway tiles have made such a big hit in the market, and are very affordable. They are long and typically thinner, but also come in wider sizes. 

Quick Tip

When placed horizontally or vertically, subway tiles make a small bathroom appear longer and wider, which is great if you are also looking for a way to gain space without tearing down any walls.

What’s your shape?

If you’re looking to step outside of the box, consider using a shaped tile such as a circular, oval, hexagon, or Moroccan shaped tile. When using round or irregular shaped tiles, you can use smaller diamond, or circular stones or gems to fill in the spaces between tiles. This gives you a more sophisticated and intricate look that looks great in any style of bathroom. Not only does it look great, but it also adds a more expensive look compared to a bathroom that has standard concrete between each tile versus stones or gems.

Let’s make a pattern

After you’ve picked the color and shape of your new bathroom tile, the pattern is another thing to focus on. Creating or choosing the perfect pattern can make such a big impact in your bathroom! If you don’t want a dramatic change, use a pattern on the sink, or on the accent wall in the shower to create a dramatic yet minimalistic look. You can be daring and pattern an entire wall with alternating colors to create a dramatic look. For a small pop of color, a major trend is to use accent tiles randomly placed on a wall with plain or simple colored tiles. Explore creating images and lines with tiles to spell out words or even create borders in places where the walls meet.

Be creative with location

laytileThe last major trend in tiling a new bathroom involves the location of your bathroom tiles. Typically, people assume you should re-tile your bathroom by placing them in the shower or on the walls. Tiles can be placed anywhere in a bathroom and it will look great as long as you’ve carefully selected the right colors and patterns.

Try doing something different by retiling your sink, countertops, or even bathroom floors! Tiles on a countertop are very trendy and look different from the standard bathroom countertop materials such as granite, marble, or laminate. Tiles can also go on the ceiling of the shower, or can be used on the floor of the shower. Granite tiles or stone tiles make a great shower basin because rough-cut stones aren’t slippery when wet, which provides both style and safety!




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