Make a Splash

Move over, bathtubs: There’s a new fixture in focus in today’s bathroom design, and its name is the vessel sink.

Fancy vessel sink

The vessel sink continues to wow as a bathroom showpiece

Vessel sinks, in general, give the appearance of a bowl sitting on top of a counter — yet that “bowl” can take many forms. Some are seemingly flat. They can be round or oval shapes for asymmetrical silhouettes or geometric angles. Regardless of your choice, the modern vessel sink provides a beautiful bathroom centerpiece. Things to keep in mind when buying a vessel sink:

Lower height of vanity to allow extra clearance

Height of the vanity is lowered to allow for the extra clearance of the bowl

Be counter intuitive

Due to its design, sink access is higher than that of a regular sink set into a counter top; therefore, you’ll want to consider lowering the height of your vanity or bathroom countertop.

Special delivery

Choose a faucet offering a stream of water that flows steadily to the bowl; also consider faucet height, ensuring the faucet is tall enough to clear the edge of the bowl.

Finish finesse

Vessels come in all variety of finishes and prices. While early versions were primarily made of ceramic and porcelain, the bowl has evolved to include materials like gold leaf, crystal, aluminum, brushed platinum, granite, stainless steel and copper.

Quick tip

More splish, less splash

Bowl sink with low faucet

Try installing a faucet that sits lower on the bowl to avoid splashing

Vessel sinks can make a splash aesthetically, but a common complaint has to do with the actual splash. To minimize stray droplets, install a faucet that sits closer to the sink bowl and, if possible, move the faucet back. If you’re past the design phase, investigate reducing the water pressure to curtail splashing.

Get a handle on it

An artistic vessel sink begs for a similarly creative spout. Just keep in mind that, in general, the reach of a vessel’s faucet needs to be longer than that of traditional faucets to deliver splash-free water to the bowl.

Dress your vessel with the following inspired options:

Fancy faucet

  • Wall-mounted faucets in fabulous finishes like brushed bronze, copper and stainless steel.
  • Modern hands-free faucets with a motion sensor.
  • A contemporary design featuring only the spout.
  • Mirror mounted faucets – set into the mirror’s frame or the glass itself.
  • Waterfall faucets that deliver a cascade of water; some even change color by way of LED lighting.

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