Choosing the architectural style that’s best suited for you can be a tough decision. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide on some of the most popular home styles.

Contemporary or Prairie architecture

Are you a minimalist who loves clean lines, neutral colors, and natural light? Contemporary or Prairie architecture may be just what you’re looking for. Contemporary homes are marked by tall windows, cathedral ceilings, and asymmetrical shapes. They are known for their open floor plans and large living spaces.

Prairie style houses, made famous by Frank Lloyd Wright, have strong horizontal lines and “appear to grow out of the ground.” Designed to incorporate their surroundings, Prairie homes are ideal for nature lovers who think outside the box.

Colonial style

Perhaps you’d like a more traditional look? A popular choice for generations, Colonial architecture mimics the practical homes built by early American settlers. Often two or three stories, these homes feature a large main floor with massive fireplaces along with separate kitchen and dining rooms. The family-friendly floor plan and beautifully understated design make Colonial homes an enduring choice for American homebuyers.


craftsmanAre you a DIY-er who finds beauty in the details? Craftsman buildings are renowned for their hand-crafted character. Ideal for entertaining, their spacious, free-flowing floor plans allow easy movement throughout. Craftsman style homes often have cozy built-ins like reading nooks, window seats, and recessed shelving. They feature open wooden beams, stacked stone, and other natural materials.


Quick Tip

Love the look but don’t have the lot? Check out Craftsman Bungalows, which are smaller, one or one-and-a-half story alternatives with steep gables and large, welcoming porches—a charming choice for those with space constraints.

ranchAmerican Ranch

If you’re in the market for a simple, one-story home, look no farther than the American Ranch. A modern classic, Ranch homes are perfect for indoor-outdoor living since the main areas usually open to large, spacious patios.

Its single-story design makes the Ranch home ideal for smaller families, retirees, and people with limited mobility. These plain, economical homes are a perfect choice for those seeking a simple, less imposing style.

Mission houses

Is “plain” not your thing? Want your home to have a commanding presence? Mission houses are boldly Southwestern, with adobe-like siding, clay tile roofs, and natural, desert hues.

Perfect for entertaining even in the heat of the summer, Mission homes have heavily shaded porches and impressive interior courtyards.

The Victorian

victorianAnother attention-getting style is the Victorian. Steeply pitched roofs, large towers, spacious verandas, intricate woodworking, and multi-color exteriors give the Victorian home a personality all its own. If you love the character of historical homes (and don’t mind the upkeep), a Victorian may be a great fit you!

Whatever your lifestyle or design needs, your perfect home is out there.


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