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Thinking of Purchasing Land? Here Are Some Tips

Thinking of Buying Land real estate?

Many people are deciding to move out of the city limits and toward more rural areas. There are many reasons to live in a country setting, but before you jump head-first into buying land, there are several things that you should check on before you do.

If the reason you are moving out of the city is to build your dream home, you need to check on zoning ordinances and any restrictions the land may have on what you can or cannot build. You also need to ask about any future plans that may cause your land to lose value.

Easements are also an important aspect of buying your own land. If you buy property where you have to cross someone else’s property, you will need an easement. You will also need the boundaries of the land very clearly marked. This prepares you for any future circumstances, such as ensuring that future buyers know exactly where your land boundaries are.

If you're buying vacant land and it's a considerable distance off the main road, you will need to check on the utilities and find out if water and electricity are already connected to the property. If they are not, you will need to call and find out the costs associated with connecting them. The costs associated with having utilities run onto very rural property can become quite expensive, depending on the distance.

There are many great reasons to purchase land, from getting away from the busy city life to owning a piece of the country. However, you should make sure that you cover all the bases before the purchase so you are not surprised later on down the road.

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