PostImg2Well, the hard part is behind you, right?  You may have recently signed a new lease or closed on a new home and you are ready to move, follow these seven simple steps to a stress free move and you can forget about sweating the small stuff!

Whether you are moving from a rental house into an apartment or other rental property or you are moving into the new home you recently purchased, moving can be a very stressful job. Many individuals and families all over the country find themselves in a position where they must plan to pack up and move.  These same people may end up moving several times before finally deciding to settle down, find that perfect job, buy their dream house and perhaps even start a family.

Regardless of why or where you are relocating to, here are seven stress-saving moving tips that may come in handy. Take the headache out of seemingly little things that may go wrong or get lost as you prepare for your move and remember, follow these seven simple steps and moving day does not have to be so stressful.

First it always helps if you are able to allow yourself enough time to pack all of your things correctly.  As you can imagine, when packing in a rush, trying to locate your most important items in the first few days in your new house can make you feel even more stressed than packing and moving in the first place.

Step 1

Pack an overnight bag or suitcase for your arrival with a change of clothes and your most important toiletries. (Don’t forget a towel and wash cloth)  It is difficult to guess how long the move will actually take and if you are prepared for the worst, it will ease some moving day stresses.

Step 2

Pack necessary and basic items in a see through storage box (cleaning supplies, cell phone chargers, toilet paper, tools, rags, paper towels, paper plates, disposable silverware, power strips, etc).  Having one clear tote will help you quickly locate the important tools and supplies that you may need to get things cleaned up, set up and put away quickly after the moving truck leaves.

Step 3


While packing to move, be sure to label all boxes with the contents of the box and also label which room the box goes in; this lets your “moving helpers” or professional movers know exactly where each box goes without constant guidance.

Step 4

Consider leaving items in drawers and cover the drawers with saran wrap, stretch wrap or clear tape

Step 5

A great tip is to leave clothing items on hangers and use trash bags to position around the loose ends and bottoms (Genius moving tip!)

Step 6

So you don’t lose important pieces needed to reassemble beds, shelves, desks and other items during the move, put any screws and power cords in clear sandwich bags and tape the bags to backs of the matching items

Step 7

If you are moving out of a rental apartment or rental home, take pictures of your cleaned-out home, so you have a record of how you left the property.

Best of Luck getting settled in your new house and enjoy your new home!

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