ArticleThumb_rentDecorAs a renter, you are limited in the types of decorating changes you can make to spruce up a space. But sometimes it takes more than pictures and accents to brighten things up. Luckily, you have other options when decorating a rental.

Fresh paint

Before you paint your apartment or rental home, ask the property owner’s permission. Most owners will not object to this type of improvement as long as the work is done carefully. You most likely will find restrictions placed on your color choices. Dark or unusual colors may not be approved. If your landlord will not allow you to paint, try to wash the walls without damaging them. Clean walls can be a big improvement.

Window treatments

Many rentals come with curtains or blinds already installed. These are normally plain and do not provide any personality. Discuss your options with your landlord or property manager. If you preserve the current window coverings, you can most likely use your own during your rental period. Use caution when hanging heavy draperies. If you damage the walls, you can be liable for repairs.


Unless the current carpeting is extremely worn out, it will not likely be replaced. A professional cleaning can brighten it but will not improve a truly ugly floor. Consider purchasing throw rugs to hide bad flooring or provide accent colors. These rugs will remain your property if you move so you will not lose any money spent.

Purchase a folding privacy screen or room divider to hide unsightly elements. You can choose screens in colorful fabrics or ones that hold pictures. This addition can also section off an area in an otherwise poorly designed living area. Remember to ask permission before you make any major changes, you do not want to pay for damages when you move.

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