As the seasons flow throughout the years, we all anticipate one of the most comforting seasons of all: fall! Family and friends will be welcomed into our homes for meals and merriment. Are you prepared to make an impression with your fall themed decor? We have gathered some fun, festive tablescape ideas that will be sure to wow at any fall dinner party.

Mixing metals

If you want to move away from a less traditional look, try mixing metals. Different finishes can be matched together for a elegant, yet eclectic look. Things such as cutlery, candle holders, and napkin rings can all vary to achieve this look.

The setting from childhood

Try recreating the traditional autumn look with simple china plates, grandma’s silverware, and colors from nature’s palette. Oranges, golds, coppers, and browns will feel like home. Top off the look with a classic centerpiece made of cascading autumn florals, corn husks, and orange pumpkins.

Au naturale

Autumn is a crafter’s dream for all of the supplies that nature has to offer. Lasting acorns, sturdy pinecones, and bright foliage all can be fused into your tablescape for a lovely, natural look. These items together can be used in lieu of a runner or piled high in a clear vase.

Loving heirlooms

The fall season is the perfect time to incorporate family heirlooms and loved antiques into your tablescape. These pieces will not only look beautiful on the table, but they will also become the perfect conversation catalysts for mealtime.

Elegant rustic

We see rustic chic sneak into many places of the home these days. Why not play it into your dinner table, too? 

Quick Tip 

For an elegant yet rustic style, use burlap as a table runner, wooden napkin rings, and a mason jar overflowing with autumn blooms in the center.

Children’s craft delight

As a nod to the younger guests, incorporate fun child made items into your tablescape; don’t overdo it, though! Two small handmade turkeys or a couple of hand-painted pinecones in muted tones will be cute to see, but won’t diminish the elegance factor.

Playing with pumpkins

Pumpkins are wonderful for decorative purposes. They have different sizes, shapes, and colors. For your dinner party décor, consider using chalk paint on the winter squash to coordinate with your china.

Another option is to make the pumpkin the star of the show by transforming it into a flower vase using wet floral foam.

Easy as pie

Stray away from fall hues. Pick one unlikely color candidate and play with various shades and tints. The tablecloth, linen napkins, dinnerware, and centerpiece can all be used to achieve this look. If designing a tablescape is intimidating, this may be the perfect design path to choose.

The table is set and the decorations are out. Now, start welcoming in your fall time guests!





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