Making an Entryway Glow with Welcome

A door in the garage may be your entry to your home, but guests come in the front. What do they see when they look up? Is that the inexpensive stock light that came with the house?

Here’s an easy decorating upgrade for a weekend: Change out the foyer light with these entryway lighting ideas. A pendant or chandelier is the traditional choice for a soft and warm welcome, but your light can easily make a playful statement, a rustic commentary or a bold announcement.

Just remember to take design cues from stairways and banisters, entry materials (tile, wood, stone, etc.) and surrounding décor. And keep in mind that some spaces will need more than one fixture, say a chandelier and wallmounted sconces.

Beautiful Choices for Foyers

bubble chandelier

Bubble Chandeliers

Twinkling globes of floating lights are one of the trendiest chandelier options right now. This design works perfectly in a modern or stark space, or it can complement an entry surrounded by circular accents.

crystal chandelier

Crystal Chandeliers

Traditional crystal chandeliers perfectly highlight a traditional entry bathed in warm, rich tones — and there’s nothing wrong with taking an option that’s tried and true.

iron chandelier

Iron and Other Materials

Designers recommend that the light fixture mimic its surroundings. For instance, if you have scrolled ironwork in your railings or a curving grand staircase, detailed and delicate wrought iron would be a good choice.

Drum light chandelier

Drum Lights

Got a contemporary home and want something different? Drum lights are modern, clean and simple.

multi level chandelier

Multi-level Chandeliers

If your foyer spans multiple floors, the best bet is likely to be a multi-level or tiered chandelier. These make the eye dance upward, allowing visitors to take in the full sweep of the area, and also serve to visually fill and unify all that space.

Quick Tip

A Light Fixture that Fits

According to the design experts at Pottery Barn, an entry light’s ideal diameter is easy to calculate: Add up the length and width of the space, in feet, and that is your goal in inches. So for a 10-by-25-foot room, you’ll need a light that is 35 inches in diameter. And always place the light a minimum of 7 feet from the ground.

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