By Neila Deen, Houzz

Creating an accent wall in black can be a smart choice because the color is surprisingly flexible. Black can conceal unwanted elements or highlight special attributes. Its elegant nature can make either a minimalist statement or a decadent one, depending on your interior design goals. See five ways a black accent wall might work in your home.

Camouflage Your Black TV

Unless it’s installed in a wall unit or surrounded by a gallery-style arrangement of art, a wall with a flat-screen television can scream, “TV!” The screen can visually dominate the wall and, for that matter, the room. But opt for a black media wall, and your black flat-screen television almost seems to disappear. The result is an ebony feature wall with dark silhouettes that blend with one another.

black wall

Launch Systems, original photo on Houzz

Designer tip: As shown here, coordinate your black wall and TV with dark media furniture. This also helps take the focus off the media equipment.

Feature a Cozy Fireplace

If you have a fireplace in your room, chances are you also have a structural element like a chimney, mantel or surround. If you’re looking to feature the warm glow of the fire itself and create a cozy atmosphere, paint the wall behind your fireplace, including the mantel, black.

black wall

Lucy Interior Design, original photo on Houzz

In this photo, you can see how the depth of the black color surrounding the fireplace allows the golden hue of the flames to take center stage.

Designer tip: Accent your black mantel or fireplace surround with elegant contrasting accessories, such as metallic picture frames or vases of flowers, as shown in this image.


Lightsy, original photo on Houzz

 Showcase Your Art

A white wall is known as the perfect canvas to feature artwork, but black is an equally elegant backdrop to show off a masterpiece. Here, you can see how the dark wall creates a sort of frame around the artwork. The ebony color gives the wall a dramatic yet sophisticated feel while allowing the artwork to be the star.

black wall

Contemporary Bedroom, original photo on Houzz

Designer tip: As shown in this room, try selecting objects that aren’t as flat as a picture frame to showcase on your black accent wall. It’s a cool effect since the depth of the dark background allows the three-dimensional art to seemingly float off the wall.

Make the Most of an Angled Wall

If you have a wall with a different angle from the rest of the room, make that wall a feature and go for black. The intensity of the color will emphasize the angle, particularly against a white ceiling. The resulting shape can feel like geometric sculpture drawing the eye up to the angle’s tip.

black wall

Laura Garner, original photo on Houzz

Designer tip: Take advantage of your geometric black wall by placing a light fixture on the ceiling where it will show against the dark backdrop. Here, the beautiful spherical chandelier and angled dark wall work in tandem to draw attention to the height of the room.

Give a Brick Wall a Chic Makeover

Brick walls are a beautiful feature in any home. But if your brick wall isn’t in the best shape aesthetically, or if you’re just looking for a change, you might try giving it a coat of black paint. A neutral but unexpected choice, black will add a dose of sophistication to the room while allowing the textured surface of the bricks to show.

black wall

Francois Berube Interiors, original photo on Houzz

Designer tip: A brick wall is commonly painted in a flat or an eggshell finish. But if you have other large shiny surfaces in the room such as counters, hardware or glass cabinet panes, consider painting yours in black semigloss. In this kitchen, the island cabinet and stainless steel refrigerator mix well with the glossy black bricks.

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