When it comes to home improvement, most people focus their time, effort and resources on aesthetically pleasing projects — upgraded kitchens, new interior paint or more sophisticated appliances and electronics. However, while it may not be as pretty as other components of the home, the roof may well be more important than just about anything else.

What your roof is saying

You may know that your roof needs … something. But you may not know what. Perhaps you see sand-like granules from the shingles in your driveway, or the roof looks like it’s starting to sag a bit. Then there’s the unmistakable sign of a problem — water pouring in. However, when the signals are more subtle, how do you know if repair or replacement is best? The best place to start is with a thorough inspection. The National Roofing Contractors Association suggests an inspection twice a year — generally at the start of fall and spring. You can do this yourself through the attic combined with an appraisal from the exterior. Unsure of what you’re seeing? A roofing professional can more closely inspect the situation and give you a clear idea of what the issues might be.

Replace or Repair


Not only do regular inspections give you a heads-up on necessary repairs, but also you have a clear idea of the general condition of your roof at all times. After all, unless a tree falls on it, your roof doesn’t generally cave in without warning. Consider the regular inspection of your roof as that warning, making you aware of potential breaches. This kind of preventative maintenance can equal savings on more costly repairs before you have the financial resources to make them. Moreover, if you plan to sell your home, keeping the roof in good condition increases the chances of claiming your asking price.

In most instances, cosmetic issues, such as missing shingles, simply necessitate a repair. It may be as simple as replacing a faulty shingle or two, or replacing an entire area. However, more considerable issues, such as the presence of mold (which indicates a leak somewhere on your roof), extensive water damage or areas that are sagging badly increase the likelihood that a replacement is needed.

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