We all want a guest bedroom that will make our friends and family feel both pampered and impressed. But let’s be honest: guest rooms are often overlooked and overloaded. Is it time to transform your guest room into a cozy, inviting oasis? Whatever your style preference, keep these tips in mind when creating a welcoming, relaxing get-away for your visitors.

Make your guests comfortable

Good hospitality means ensuring that your guests feel relaxed and comfortable. Make it clear that the guest bedroom is theirs while they are staying with you. If it usually doubles as an office, be sure to take any items you might need out of the room before your visitor arrives. A guest should never feel like they’re invading their host’s space!

Decorate wisely

Try to keep furniture and décor to a minimum and choose soothing colors that will put your guests at ease. This will help even smaller rooms feel spacious and tidy. 

Quick Tip

A bed, a nightstand, and a dresser are all your guests really need; if you have a lot of extra space, add a desk and a comfortable chair.

It’s all in the details

shutterstock_399937783Beyond the basic furniture pieces, there are a few other items that will set your guest room apart. A small luggage rack, a few neatly folded towels, a clothes hamper, and other comfort items like soft robes or house shoes will make your guests feel like they are staying in a luxury hotel.

Unless you plan to redecorate every few years, steer clear of overly trendy styles. Stick to high thread-count sheets in cool, relaxing colors. Be sure to have a few different kinds of pillows and some extra blankets in the room, too. It’s also nice to have a variety of reading materials on the bedside table.

The little details can go a long way for making guests feel welcome in your home. Give the space a personalized touch by framing quotations about friendship or family on printed craft paper. Write your Wifi password on a card by the nightstand or in another cute frame by the door. Keep an extra USB or phone charger in the room just in case.

shutterstock_286876997If you can, set up a small coffee or tea bar on a dresser. It doesn’t have to be fancy; an electric kettle or single serve coffee machine will do the trick. Your friends will love being able to relax with a warm drink in the morning before joining everyone for breakfast.

Whatever your style, keep the comfort of your guests forefront in your mind. Try to anticipate any needs they may have; then think of ways you can make their stay as enjoyable as possible.



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