thumbImagine yourself in a world where your closets looked like the ones in photo shoots or staged homes. You see a handful of blouses draped on stylish hangers, perfectly spaced and color coordinated to the décor. Designer bins are positioned upon wooden shelves holding one or two objects of interest. These fantasy closets entice you to rid yourself of all your possessions. You can finally be the most organized person in the world by adopting minimalism. What about the rest of us, though? What if you need your clothes, craft items, toys and various accouterments of life necessities? These very realistic and budget friendly tips will allow you to create closets that are both full and functional.

Clear it.

Pull everything out. That’s right…everything. Completely clearing and cleaning the space out is the first step to refilling it efficiently. Borrow or purchase a rolling rack for clothing or lay it out on the bed. Use bins and baskets for smaller items. Sort into categories as you clean out. 

Categorize it.

Using bins or boxes, classify the items coming out of the closet to make simple work of the aftermath. I recommend labeling each container with these general categories:

Donate: Items that are still functional and in good shape but are no longer needed.

Damaged: These are things that are stained, broken or damaged beyond repair.

Dollars: Make some extra money selling your junk online or hosting a garage sale.

Distribute: Things that do not belong in the closet but need to make it back to their rightful place.

Contain it.

Once you determine which of your belongings make the cut for the closet, it’s time to put it all back in organized harmony. This is where containers come in handy.

Shoe holders:

Clear plastic shoe holders that go over the door are great tools for every closet in the house! Use pockets for cleaners, vacuum attachments and extra supplies in a utility closet. These can be used to organize scarves and gloves in a coat closet, accessories in the bedrooms, or craft supplies in the office.  

Quick Tip

Hanger upgrade: Using thin felt hangers on clothing will save space in your closet and prevent annoying slip offs. Many hangers now come with hooks to fasten them to one another in a waterfall effect, making it even easier to save space. Having uniform hangers is also visually effective in helping you locate specific items without distraction.

Hook it up:

Over the door hook racks can go on the inside or outside of the closet door, and essentially serve as a catch-all for coats, umbrellas, backpacks and purses that are used on a daily basis. Individual wall hooks can be installed on the inside of the closet to hang a variety of items. Most home stores stock decorative hooks that are just as beautiful as they are functional.

Keep it clean.

Now that you have recovered lost treasures, purged the space takers, and contained the keepers, it’s important to develop good habits and share them with the rest of the household. If you use something, put it away. If you frequently purchase new items, consider cleaning the closet out monthly to prevent build up. Maintenance is the best way to keep your closets from getting out of control.

Happy organizing!





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