Security Gate

There are many Pros to living in a gated community.  Living in a gated community has many perks, from luxurious amenities and well-cared-for grounds to a clubhouse and onsite security. Home listings in a gated community usually have the name of the community and some basic information about the benefits of living in that specific location. Home prices might be slightly higher in a gated community than in the surrounding neighborhoods.

  • Amenities

    Most gated communities have a great mix of onsite amenities. A centrally located pool, kid’s playground and tennis courts are common features of a private community and these common areas are maintained by employees or contractors, so you never have to worry about cleaning the pool – you just have to remember to bring your sunblock and a beach towel. Many private gated communities are located on golf courses; even if you don’t golf, the course paths are suitable for walking or jogging after hours.
  • Appearance standards

    Most gated communities have specific standards for the homes inside, so the neighborhood will have a cohesive look. Homeowners are required to keep their landscaping and home in good repair and address any exterior issues promptly. This attention to detail means the entire neighborhood always looks clean and welcoming.
  • Security

    Many communities have both security patrols and a manned security gate. Criminals won’t be able to easily access your neighborhood, thanks to the presence of security patrols. Since security is on site, a quick call can bring assistance – even before the police can arrive. Many communities have professional security staff trained in first aid and basic medical care, so help can reach you quickly in the event of an emergency. A manned security gate prevents unwanted callers from harassing residents. You won’t be bothered by door-to-door salesmen in a gated community. If you do have someone coming to visit, simply call in a pass to the gate and they’ll be admitted.
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