senior home buyers

The right real estate agent can ease the path to a successful home sale, while one who’s not in tune with your needs can make the experience miserable. Before you choose an agent to help sell your house, there are three essential questions you ask a listing agent:

1 Can I see a reference list?

Every good real estate agent should be able to provide a comprehensive reference list. Even agents who are new to the field will be able to connect you with previous employers or instructors. Ask potential candidates to give you a list of references, and try to contact the individuals listed. Make sure that none of the people you speak with are related to the candidate.

2 How much experience do you have?

There are advantages and disadvantages to working with a newer real estate agent. While newer agents have fewer clients and more time to focus their efforts on you, they aren’t as comfortable working in the field. Experienced agents, on the other hand, are usually busier and may not be as informed about newer developments within the industry, but they have skills and techniques that can only be developed through years of field work. Ask potential candidates about their experience level, the time they will have to devote to you and whether or not they engage in professional development.

3 What are your fees?

All real estate agents charge fees for their services, but these fees are usually negotiable. Ask the professionals you’re considering what fees they will charge to represent you. Compare these fees, and don’t be afraid to ask the agent to lower his charge, especially if you have spoken with a candidate who promised a smaller fee.

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