thumbSelling your home is an exciting and bustling time. Likened to baiting a hook and waiting for the catch, we must patiently wait as prospects come and go. We stage, we list, and we wait. The piece of this process that many don’t touch on is how to maintain our show-ready home. Read on for some practical ways to keep the picturesque atmosphere of a lived-in home alive.

Packing in reverse

Before you paint, fix up, or repair a thing, the first step to maintaining a show-ready home starts at the beginning of the listing process: simplify. Act as if you are packing for a trip. What do you absolutely need to survive for the next month? Once life’s essentials are determined, begin to pack away all of the unimportant items. This decluttered canvas will help you keep your home picked up and ready at a moment’s notice. 

New habits

Developing new lifestyle habits will keep you on top of the little chores that have a tendency to pile up. Start the day by making the beds, putting all dirty laundry in hampers, taking out the garbage, and touching up the kitchen and bathrooms. When an interested buyer comes to call, it will serve you well to complete several small tasks ahead of time. The more that you do as you go about your day, the less you will have to scramble at the last second.

A place for small things

shutterstock_321895799Invest in a canvas bin or a basket for each room in the home, preferably with a lid. These will serve as your “last second” spaces to toss any disorganized clutter when a buyer pays your home a visit. Things like toys, accessories, mail, or the like will have a spot to quickly hide-away. Keep it coordinated with the room’s decor to mesh with your staged style.

Meals under control

For many of us, especially those who work from home or have small children, meal times always prove to mess up a lovely staged kitchen. Don’t be afraid of disposable cutlery and dishware during the showing process. This will cut down on dishes and give you more time to touch up other spaces before a showing. 

Quick Tip

During high traffic times, such as weekends, opt to eat out more often to maintain a clean kitchen.

A showing checklist

Draft a checklist of last minute items to do before you head out. Put all the toilet lids down, close the shower curtains, shine the faucets and sinks, hide away evidence of pets if possible, run the vacuum, turn on any scent devices (such as an oil diffuser or plug-in scents), and make sure your home is bright with artificial and natural lighting. You may get a call for more showings while you are already out, so take along anything you may need for the next few hours.

With these tips in mind, the showing process will run smoothly, be less stressful, and keep your home at its show-ready best!





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