Want to add instant glamour and style to your bedroom? Back your bed with an upholstered headboard. Trending now, upholstered bed heads are available in a wide range of sizes, fabric choices, and designs. For a truly one of a kind look, consider having it custom made, or create your own DIY piece. From richly tufted to clean-lined and sleek, there’s an upholstered headboard option for every style.   


shutterstock_218659537Add romance to your boudoir by backing a bed with a tall Regency-inspired upholstered headboard. Crowned with a fabric covered cornice and ornately curved in shape, this style makes a luxurious statement when upholstered in button-tufted plush white velvet or rich jewel-toned satin, making your bedroom feel like it is fit for a queen (or king)! If over-the-top opulence isn’t quite your style, consider a smaller, less ornate version of this headboard.  

Vintage Glam

shutterstock_494024362Call up images of old Hollywood by topping a bed with a bed head in a classic or art deco inspired shape. Upholstered in white linen or champagne-hued satin, and border studded with reflective nailheads adds a little glitz to the glam. 

Quick Tip 

Flank the bed with mirrored side tables and toss a faux fur throw on the foot of the bed for a true vintage feel.


shutterstock_331641890Traditional doesn’t have to be boring. A standard, rectangular bed head covered in a neutral colored linen with a rolled, upholstered edge or outlined with corded borders will instantly bring a touch of class to any bedroom. Opt for wide stripes of creamy white interspersed with black, charcoal or navy to give the room a formal, classic look. Pinstripes in a variety of shades work well to create a more casual feel.


From minimal low mounted strips of rolled fabric to a wooden framed floor to a ceiling statement piece, the clean lines of contemporary upholstered bed heads offer a variety of design options.Tailored and sleek linen coverings in deep shades of charcoal with little to no embellishment can add a masculine appeal to a room, as do headboards covered in closely tufted dark leather. Extend the headpiece beyond the width of the bed, or even wrap it around the wall to create a unique, modern daybed.


Let your artistic sensibilities shine by backing beds with headboards covered in brightly printed fabrics. Keep the bed head shape simple, and use small prints over minimal padding for a subdued but impactful statement, or let your wild side run free with overstuffed backing covered in large tropical prints in vibrant colors. Whimsically printed fabric bed heads are perfect for kids’ rooms; accessorize with coordinating colors and matching prints on curtains, duvets, and shams for even more fun!

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